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Today I keep hearing the word connection. For me, the last few months have been a season of DISconnection because of a variety of things…things that slow life down like my husband, Virgil’s, recent brush with death and long recovery; finding myself responsible for tasks that are not my forte; being somewhat of an introvert and tending to “hide” from people; and the inability to peacefully go into public places (or even host people in my own home) with my 10 year-old son, Benjamin, who has autism and behavioral challenges.

As I was connecting via two-way journaling with God the other day, I felt new life begin flooding over me. I instinctively stopped thinking (thinking too much is the thing that tends to paralyze me), and began contacting people and putting things on the calendar. I thank God for that awakening in my spirit. He reminded me of the conversation I had with my daughter, Faith, when she was a 10th-grader. I asked her what she thought was the most important thing in life, and she said “relationship.” That seemed pretty profound to me in that moment, and I still think she’s right on. We were created to have relationship with God and with each other, and that equals connection.

In the last few days I have connected with Benjamin in two long walks to the park, and facilitated connection for he and a friend that he loves to be with. I’ve scheduled meetings with multiple people that I’ve needed to connect with for months: a behavioral specialist for Benjamin, a special needs caregiver, a business manager and a key consultant with a heart for music ministry. Virgil and I were able to go on a dinner date over the weekend, and connect with old friends that we hadn’t gotten together with in years.

This past Sunday at church, two separate women visiting from different states, searched me out just to let me know how much my music had blessed them through their pregnancies, childbirth, and post-partum depression. Their words of encouragement meant so much to me! And I connected with another wonderful person that same day who wants to make Benjamin a customized weighted blanket because it calms children with autism. There were many other conversations Sunday with people I love and see on a weekly basis, but don’t always take time to stop and connect with. That afternoon I was able to connect with my grandchildren, share lunch, and enjoy their company for a while. It was a weekend of life-giving relational connections for me.

In hindsight, it became evident that my old “ungodly belief,” one of many Holy Spirit uncovered through Restoring the Foundations, had resurfaced in my life. That ungodly belief tells me that “I don’t have time for relationship.” Thankfully, God gave me the unction to walk in the opposite spirit and to BEGIN connecting with others again.

I encourage you today to ask God who you need to connect with in this season, or maybe in this very moment. Or maybe it’s someone you need to REconnect with. For Virgil and I, our priority and our biggest challenge, is to make time with each other for fun and restful connections since we work together every day, and tend to focus exclusively on that subject. It’s so easy to let the cares of this world shut us down and steal our joy, isn’t it? We are taking a class together for a few weeks at our home church, Grace Center, called Couple Connection. Just another confirmation of the season for us.

And now, I am reconnecting with YOU and praying for Abundant Life-Filled Connections that bring you joy and encouragement today.

With love,

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