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NEW! Spirit to Spirit – CD or MP3 Album by Julie True

There is such peace and healing that comes from soaking in God’s Presence. We are able to receive and be saturated with His eternal love as we draw near to Him, and He draws near to us.

As you listen to Spirit to Spirit, let yourself experience places of interaction with God. Simply rest in His presence as you receive His peace and refreshing. Soaking is a time to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit; be reminded that God has made and blessed you to be uniquely you. Let yourself be lifted into a place of thankfulness for all God has done in your life, and soak in the love of God on a deeper level as angels play and the Father dances over you. As you listen to Spirit to Spirit, may you experience the Father Heart of God, and may you receive healing as words of blessing are sung over you.

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Julie True Spirit to Spirit Audio CD

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  1. I absolutely love this new cd !I have all the others and love them as well!But Spirit to Spirit I could just lose myself in the presence of God!Peace Be Still and God’s Perpetual Dance are my two favorites but I love the whole cd ! It is different from the others.I sense a strong inner healing in this cd.Perfect for times in which we live in.Awesome Julie,Just Awesome!

    1. That is so encouraging, Yolanda! Thank you for taking time to share that with me:-)


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Yes, Spirit to Spirit is part of the 5 CD Holiday Gift Pack!

  3. Julie — would you consider coming to Oregon for an evening of worship or ?? My husband and I oversee Oregon Revival Center — not a large facility — but the people that come here are so hungry for the presence of the Lord.
    Love, love, love Holy Spirit’s anointing on your sound.
    Eva Cutler, Overseer
    Oregon Revival Center

    1. Hi Eva! You can contact me at for invitations to come to your area. Bless you!

  4. I really enjoy your music. I travel a lot with my job, so I have the freedom to listen to your cd’s over and over again.

    Please let me know how to download your music onto cd’s. Thank you very much.
    God bless you and your ministry.

    Vickie Wakefielod

    1. Thank you, Vickie. If you purchase an mp3 album, you just save it to your computer. I open and play my mp3s using iTunes. In iTunes, you can create a playlist, add my mp3 album to the new playlist, and then under “File” you have the option to burn it to a CD. If you need help, just google it! That’s how I find answers to all kinds of questions :-)

  5. Shalom Julie, I was just worshiping in your online healing room, very powerful… the first two songs really spoke to me. “Thank You” and “Deeper” from Spirit to Spirit! While I was listening the Lord gave me a vision: He was playing my heart with His bow of grace… as I meditated and listen He gave me this poem, I pray it speaks to you also. Thank you so much for sharing your immanent worship with all of us! It reminds me of Isa. 64:1 ” Rend the heavens and come down!” Father I declare that all who enter this healing room finds an open portal and that through Your great love for us You rend the heavens and come down into their hearts and bring waves of healing and restoration…in the name of Jesus the Christ!

    Baruch ha ba B’Shem Adonai

    I worship You
    My God
    As You play my heart
    With Your bow of grace

    So hard is my heart
    As You play on my heart
    Each stroke softens
    Sweeps away the hardness

    I bow in awe
    In humility I offer
    The longings of my heart
    Renew and restore

    I drink You in
    Into the depths of my heart
    The dark hidden parts
    I soak You in

    Tears are rolling
    Oh how I long for You
    Your bow sweeps me clean
    Each note stirs the air

    Thick is Your presence
    So close to You
    Draw back and play
    More of You

    All that You have for me
    I need more of You
    Cover me with Your grace
    sweep it all away

    So gentle are Your strokes
    Sweet are Your kisses
    As You draw me closer
    No fear here in Your arms

    Though I tremble in Your presence
    I rest in You
    Sweet peace fills my heart
    Peace be still my beloved

    1. Thank you so much, Dave. I love that you were hearing God’s heart for you while visiting here. Beautiful!

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