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Julie’s NEW Album “I Belong to You” – Now Available! Purchase Julie’s Entire Soaking Music Collection and Save Over $30! Find Rest by Julie True A Compilation of Julie’s Best Soaking Moments! Your Portable Live Soaking Worship Service. Soaking Music Soundscapes for Hearing God’s Voice
Julie’s NEW Album “I Belong to You” – Now Available! Julie’s brand new album, “I Belong to You”, drips with the peace and love found only in God’s presence, in a setting of reflection and tranquility. Read More
Purchase Julie’s Entire Soaking Music Collection and Save Over $30!

Entire Soaking Music Collection - More Info

Find Rest by Julie True Step into an atmosphere of peace and healing, and find rest for your soul. Find Rest was recorded live during the Father’s Embrace Conference at Seattle Revival Center. Read More
A Compilation of Julie’s Best Soaking Moments! Julie True’s compilation album, Let My Life Be Worship, captures some of her most loved Live Soaking Worship Music songs, with selections from all across her discography plus two new songs that can’t be found on any other album! If you’ve loved listening to Julie True’s Soaking Online Healing Room, then Let My Life Be Worship (Julie’s longest album to date) may be your new personal favorite! Read More
Your Portable Live Soaking Worship Service. iSoak Radio is a bountiful reservoir of fresh, unreleased soaking music from Julie’s weekly recording archives. Subscribe to iSoak Radio and receive on-demand streaming access to this wealth of soaking music content 24/7 from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Read More
Soaking Music Soundscapes for Hearing God’s Voice Each volume in Julie True’s Music to Journal By series provides one hour of peaceful, instrumental soaking music soundscapes that quiet the soul, but awaken the spirit. Read More


New Release: “I Belong to You” – Now Available!

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Julie has painted with a quieter, more intimate palette on her newest release, I Belong to You. Much like her best-selling 2012 release, Find Rest, I Belong to You surrounds peacefully delivered worship songs with inspired moments of spontaneous songs and instrumental music. Of note is her tranquil yet majestic rendition of her classic worship anthem, “Lord, I Worship You”, as well as a first-ever release of “Be Love in My Heart,” a heart-stirring worship song she’s been singing for decades in live soaking worship times. Spontaneous songs like “Safe Inside Your Heart,” “It’s So Simple,” and the title track, “I Belong to You” carry the anointed atmosphere of peace that Julie’s music has become known for, laced with deep spiritual truth and revelation. The album begins and ends delicately with two serene instrumentals featuring electric piano, and is tastefully decorated throughout with layers of lush, beautiful synth pads and textures. This soft-spoken and reflective album revolves around the themes of belonging to and trusting in Father God, worshiping Him and beholding His beauty, and experiencing His love.

Listen to track samples from the album




Where the Journey Started

IMG_1585It’s been quite a journey. I’m continually humbled by the love and support that has been poured out on this music ministry. Over the last 5 years we have captured hundreds of hours of live soaking worship times, and compiled segments of those times into 6 full length records, and 6 EPs, including my newest release “Find Rest” from December 2012.

Recently, I was honored to be a guest again with Sid Roth on his show, “It’s Supernatural”, and he asked me some thought provoking questions about “where it all began”. Sid made me a bit nostalgic, and I began to think back on the time when Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 1.04.12 AMmy family and I lived in our little house in the country, and went through a 9 year period of time that was very difficult in many ways. It was during that time where I was literally broke and broken, but began to sing my heart to God, and felt a closeness with Him that I had never felt before. This was a time in my life before I was playing music in a church setting, or any type of public ministry. It was just me and God.
A time of desperation, and many times, hopelessness. A time of digging deep into my heart to see what was really there. A time of learning to lead my soul with all its questions and emotions into musical conversations with God. A time when I literally had to lay it all down at His feet. Most of all, it was a time when I came to know God as a father, a friend, a comforter and a voice of wisdom and revelation. I came to know that he really loved me, and that he even liked me. That revelation opened up wells of worship in me that longed to express my love for God through music.

IMG_1586Over a period of years, little by little, those up and down moments were gathered up and saved MGIF_newinto songs. Because of some very special friends, those songs were eventually compiled into a collection, and became the first music I ever recorded. That record is called “My God is Faithful”, and we decided to dust it off and make it available in all its vintage glory! Haha. We updated our web and street address on the artwork, joked about my crazy long hair and pressed a limited number of these albums. If you enjoy hearing the ‘rest of the story’ and the early beginnings of my musical journey – stripped down to the bare essentials, this may be your favorite album.




We are honored that you have chosen to visit our Online Healing Room. Although this site is informative, its primary purpose is to provide a place of rest where God’s Presence can minister directly to your personal needs.

As news spreads and our website grows, we will try to add other resources to our Online Healing Room to help you through your personal healing process. Whether you need emotional or physical healing, or are in a time of thankfulness and celebration for what God has already done in your life, we believe that He will meet you here today with hope and encouragement.

My new soaking music CD, Spirit to Spirit, was recorded live during one of our recent weekly gatherings at Grace Center and Brentwood Baptist Church here in Middle Tennessee. As you listen to Spirit to Spirit, let yourself interact with God. Simply rest in His presence as you receive His peace and refreshing. Soaking is a time to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit, and to be reminded that God has made and blessed you. Let yourself be lifted into a place of thankfulness for all God has done in your life, and soak in the love of God on a deeper level as angels play and the Father dances over you. As you listen to Spirit to Spirit, may you experience these places of interaction with the Father Heart of God, and may you receive healing as words of blessing are sung over you.


God has invited me to “infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing,” primarily through music, worship, creative sounds, and prayer. My desire is to share words of scripture, words of hope and encouragement, and words of declaration that spring from a heart that believes God is good, and that He is willing and able to heal us – spirit, soul, and body.

I’ve accepted the invitation, and I’m moving forward, as God gives me favor and opens doors to take what I have in my hand, and pour it out. Would you like to join me?

In the past, I didn’t think that I had much to pour out, but I now know that it doesn’t really matter what I think. It just matters that I take what I have and pour it out! Like the story of the widow in 2 Kings 4, who took the little bit of oil that she had, gathered vessels to pour it into, and then the oil kept flowing as long as she had vessels. When she ran out of vessels, that’s when the oil ran out. So I’m here to pour into human vessels what God has given me.

After many years of leading worship in churches and in conferences; worshiping in public and in the closet, I have found that there is an underlying desire I have for every worship time that I am a part of:  I want to help create an atmosphere where I, and anyone who wants to come along with me, can connect – spirit to spirit – with the Living God. When that happens, I believe that we bless the heart of our Papa God, and we personally are affected in deep and powerful ways that can change our lives forever.

When we worship our creator, savior, and the source of all life, out of an overflowing thankfulness to Him and a desire to honor Him, our eyes are opened in new ways to the awesome love of God. Faith rises in our hearts, and many times we are healed – physically and spiritually. If you haven’t tried it before, then why not give it a try now? You’ll see what I mean.

Julie and Virgil TrueToday is a new day….a new beginning. I’m so thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning. No matter what challenges I may have been faced yesterday, today is a new day.

In this season of my life, God has been reminding me of the incredible power my words have for creating either life or death. For years I thought I was fostering great lines of communication by talking with my husband and others about all of the problems of the day. Much later I realized that all that time, I had been sowing seeds of doubt, unbelief and negativity in my life…..NOT a great crop to sow.

Since that time of revelation, I have been in the process of re-training myself to think and speak differently……to call things that are not, as though they are, and to make declarations of faith. It’s been amazing to see what happens when I make my words line up with God’s truth, and with God’s desires for my life. I’m beginning to see a whole new type of crop being grown in my life….faith, confidence in God’s goodness, and a “knowing” that He is working ALL things together for good in my life.

Sometimes I find myself beginning to listen again to the voices of fear and doubt in my head, or the replaying of tapes telling me all that I’m not and never will be. I have found that this usually happens when I’ve been isolated from life-giving people for too long, out of touch with the Word of God, or when I’ve stopped serving and helping others.

All it takes is a wakeup call in my spirit, though, and the response of my spoken words of faith and life…. and my path is refreshed and reset.

So here’s my prayerful declaration for today…

Thank you for your faithfulness to me, God.
I am expecting good things for my life today.
I’m your child, and I know that you love me with the heart of a Father.
You are good and your love endures forever.

Love and blessings to you!