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Written by Julie True — March 17, 2009


john r jensen:

Absolutely beutriful music,Ifeel Early Baroque music has healing qualiies too.

November 07 2010

Julie True:

I would LOVE for you to play my music at your group gathering! Just please don’t copy CDs:-) If others are interested, suggest that they visit my store at julietrue.com.

October 29 2010

Phil Hayhurst:

I am considering ordering your Cd’s and need to know if I may share your music in a small group setting. Also, if you know of any male, Christ-honoring “soaking” musicians, please advise. Phil cell 832-316-2545 facebook: Phil Hayhurst

August 21 2010

Janice M Newton:

I purchased your soaking package and i have been blessed mightley, i love to worship and Breath You In has taken me deeper in jesus.
you are blessed and highly favored by the lord.

July 12 2011


I told all the women at our retreat to write your name down, if they did not
have one of your CD’s to get it!
I can not tell you how often I listen to the “Healing” CD, and how much it has
ministered to me and others!

February 17 2011

Matt "Gabriel" Bench:

I just want you to know how much your “Healing Love” CD has ministered to me. I write childrens books, and when I write, I typically listen to your Healing Love CD as I write. It helps me feel connected with our Heavenly Father when I write. God bless your ministry.
Gabriel Bench

February 01 2011

Rollande Chartrand:

I bought your cd at a thrift store for a dollar I’m so glad I did. Breathe you in I lost my father when I was 6 going on 7 I know God is my heavenly father but in that music I can feel a stronger bond with him and know how much he really loves me and that his love is real. God Bless you as you hear from him and he pours in his love and it’s poured out unto others who so desperately need it.

March 18 2012

sue campbell:

Julie, I bought all your CD’s and love them…We have a weekly soaking at the Prayer House and we soak to your music. I am going to promote the Soakings and would like to use some of your wording on your website to describe what soaking is. Please let me know if that is okay….I will also buy your cd’s in bulk to distribute within the Prayer House…You are a Blessing

August 24 2011

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