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Below are some commonly asked questions. Please review these questions with the solutions listed to see if your problem has already been addressed below. If you cannot find a solution to your problem below, please contact us at support@julietrue.com and include "MP3" in the subject line. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.


How do I download the MP3 album that I just purchased?

Step 1: Starting your download

After you checkout and complete your order, you will receive an order confirmation email containing a link to download your digital file(s). Clicking this link will take you to your download page. Click the "Download" button next to the product you wish to download. If you have purchased more than one MP3 download, you can download them all at once by clicking the "Download All" button near the bottom of the page. In either case, your digital files should begin downloading automatically

Step 2: Completing the transfer

Once the download starts, it's important that it finishes in its entirety before attempting to open it. Full album downloads will be stored as a compressed .zip file which will need to be unzipped (explained in step 4).

Step 3: Locating files

Once the transfer is complete, you'll need to find the files that you've just downloaded. In Windows, most browsers will save files to the "downloads" folder which you can find inside "my documents." For Mac, the default destination is either the desktop or the "downloads" folder inside your home folder. If the files aren't in those default locations, open your browser preferences to find where your browser saves downloaded files by default.

Step 4: Extracting files

If you've bought and downloaded a full album, you'll need to extract or "unzip" the files before you can play, burn, or import them into your media player. The unzipping process will vary depending on what software you use to handle .zip files and what operating system you're using. In most cases, simply double-clicking on a file will begin extracting the contents. In some cases you'll be prompted to select a destination for the unzipped folder. Otherwise, your unzipped folder will most likely be created in the same location as the original .zip file.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Once everything is saved and extracted, you can use your MP3s in any way you like. All digital downloads can be stored in your media library, or synced with your mobile MP3 player for you to take with you.

Can I download my MP3 album from my smartphone or tablet?

Unfortunately, your MP3 album cannot be directly downloaded to mobile devices. To get your Julie True MP3 album on your mobile device, you'll need to first download it to your computer as described above, then sync the music with your mobile device(s) via your media player software such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

When I click the download button, nothing happens.

Typically if the file transfer didn't initiate at all, it means that the dialogue box was blocked by your browser. Click the link again and try that download one more time. Keep an eye out for a pale orange/yellow bar at the top of the browser window (just below the address bar) that says "To protect your security (internet explorer, firefox, etc) has blocked a pop up, click here for more options."Click that bar and you should have the option to "download file." once you've selected to download the file, you'll need to click the green download button once more to start the transfer.

How do I import tracks into iTunes / Windows Media Player?

In most media players you can import music by simply dragging and dropping the MP3s into your music library. Just open both iTunes and the folder that your music is stored in. Select the files you want to transfer and drag them to the "Library" in iTunes. Alternatively, you can click "file." If you're having trouble, check your player's help section for specific instructions about how to import audio.

How can I re-download my album if I wasn't able to complete it initially?

You can re-download tracks or albums that you've purchased by simply clicking the link in your order confirmation email sent to you upon completion of your purchase. You have a maximum of 3 times you can click the download link per purchase made. When you click the download link, the track or album will start the transfer again.

For questions or concerns not addressed above, please contact us at support@julietrue.com. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response. Thank you.


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