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My God Is Faithful

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The My God Is Faithful recording was created during a very challenging, and yet wonderful, season of my life. Throughout that time I was growing into the revelation that I could live my life out of a loving relationship with God, and that I could sing my heart to him and hear his heart singing back to me. For a long time our piano was located out in the barn during the renovation of the front living area of our little farmhouse. I loved to go out to the barn after the kids were in bed, (even when it was freezing cold!), and spend hours worshipping God, and getting to know Him. Songs like Lord, I Worship You, Holy Spirit, Blow, Love Is All That Stands, Dancin' in the Fields, I Release, and A Prayer were written in that barn, along with almost every other song on this album. The record begins with I Believe, a hymn, and the very first song I ever wrote about God. It's a statement of my belief in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and His redeeming love. Continuing throughout the album, songs like Rescue Me, I'm Desperate For You, Lord, Why Do We Have to Cry, Oh My Soul, Except for the Grace, reflect my own struggles and questions during that time, as well as my awareness that God was holding everything together and that He had all the answers. I'm Gonna Rock My Baby and Shine On, a song about saying goodbye to beloved friends, were also a part of me learning to express the joys and sorrows of life through music. During those years, my husband, Virgil, and I were also raising and home educating our three young children, Faith, Justin, and Jesse. Our fourth bonus baby, Benjamin, wasn't born until much later, 12 years after Jesse! We lived very simply and worked hard on the farm, which included the constant repair and renovation required for a 100 year old farmhouse. So in the midst of all the ups and downs of our lives, somewhere between a couple dozen goats, 11 cows, a horse, 100 chickens, cats and dogs, a bunny rabbit, and a 40x80 family garden, all I can say is yes, My God is Faithful.

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