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Stir Up The Love: Live Soaking Worship Music

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In Stir Up The Love, Julie weaves together deep, intimate moments of waiting and expectation with powerful worship anthems and spontaneous songs. True to form of her most popular albums, Stir Up The Love is built upon the simplicity of Julie's soft, delicate vocals and piano, backed by a range of peaceful synth pads and textures. A first for one of Julie's full-length albums, Stir Up The Love breathes new life into two classic worship songs, "Child of God" and "Your Love Is Extravagant", each recorded in Julie's unique style of soaking music. The album opens with an invitation to "tune into" the Holy Spirit with "Step into Your Flow", and finishes with a ethereal meditation on God's peace in "Peace, Perfect Peace". Stir up the Love centers around themes of expecting good things from Father God, encountering and receiving His love, and loving him back from the heart. Stir Up The Love is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God and grow in experiencing His love.


From the inside panel:

"The ongoing prayer of my life is, "Stir up the love in my heart, Holy Spirit. Don't let my love grow cold. Lead me on in the way of righteousness." These songs come from a place of stirring up love in my own heart, and I hope they will stir up the love in your heart as well. May they remind you that you are loved extravagantly by your Father God and held in His arms, that Jesus is a true friend, and that you can step into the flow of Holy Spirit anytime of the day or night and experience His perfect peace. I'm expecting good things from Him because He IS Love, and He is with us always."


Total album length: 69 minutes, 24 seconds


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