Julie True Soaking Music

Many people have God encounters, experiences, and physical or emotional healing while listening to Julie's music. We would love to hear what God has done in your life through Julie's music, and be able to share those testimonies with others.

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Healing Love Testimonies

I have recently gone through a separation from my wife. It has left me internally bleeding and ripped apart. The first night I played Healing Love, I felt as though the internal bleeding had stopped. I’ve not stopped listening to it every night since. As I get ready to put my head on my pillow I press play and immediately the oil of the spirit of God starts pouring and ministering healing to my broken heart. Healing Love now literally gets me through the toughest nights of my life. This is truly an instrument of peace, healing, and love.

I care for a lady who has Alzheimer’s, and at times she is very mean in words and in actions. I ordered your Healing Love CD to see if it would help her, and I was absolutely amazed! From the very next day after playing it for a few hours, she was improved very much. She is not only much nicer and friendlier, she hasn’t hit me anymore! I am SO happy I found your music!


My wife recently had to suffer through three rounds of chemotherapy for leukemia. A friend gave us a Healing Love CD, and your music ushered in God’s Presence. Nurses were touched and moved to tears. We left your Healing Love CD with the nurses to share with others. God has given you a beautiful ministry, and I love to share your music with others. My hope is that God’s love will “enter in” to their lives.


The first night I played Healing Love on my computer while I did busy work, the cat wandered in. She hopped up on the desk, curled up into a fluff ball, and went to sleep. She never does that! She stayed for as long as I played the music. Now, before I leave the house, I put Healing Love on continuous play for both the cat and the dog.


After playing Healing Love for a couple of days, I noticed my Pomeranian, Sugar Plum, usually slept through it. At the end she wakes up, and tries to tell me to play it again. When I do, she goes back to sleep. So thank you, Julie!


Julie, I wanted to let you know that here in Sudan we played Healing Love 24/7 over a convalescing puppy dog that our kids rescued. He was in bad shape…I thought he was going to die. But I told the kids to pray for him and Jesus would heal him. I felt a nudge to play your worship music over him, so we left Healing Love on repeat…The kids’ prayers and your Healing Love CD, and now the puppy is absolutely fine!


I first heard your album “Healing Love” at a women’s retreat last year. I ended up face down on the floor in worship. I began to play your music often. My two year old daughter, Lilly, fell in love with it as well and will immediately start to dance and worship when I turn it on. I also played it for the new baby in my womb. For my second daughter’s birth, I played Healing Love during the labor and delivery. It ministered to me in a powerful way during an extremely intense several hours. I also turned Healing Love on many sleepless nights during those first weeks and was able to enter into a place of rest and worship even while I was deliriously tired. Thank you for blessing my life with your beautiful anointed worship.


We have started playing Healing Love in my two year old son’s room because he has trouble sleeping at night. Now he sleeps so peacefully. I wanted to let you know how much you have touched me in my spirit through your music.


My two year old has been waking up from her naps and screaming at night. At first I thought she was teething, but it continued almost every night. So, yesterday I played Healing Love in Sarah’s room most of the day and into the night. That evening as I was getting her pajamas on, she adjusted the volume and turned to me, smiled, closed her eyes, put one hand on her heart and the other arm out to the side, swayed and sang softly “in my heart, in my heart.” I’ve never seen her do that before. It was beautiful as if she was in the presence of God.


She did that over and over again for a couple of minutes. I prayed for her to have only dreams from Jesus. I went to check on her before I went to sleep last night, and it was so peaceful in her room. Even my 10 year old said, “it’s so peaceful in there.” Sarah slept through the entire night and didn’t scream at all! In fact, she slept in until almost 9:00 this morning, and today she’s been so happy and not stressed out.

Thank you, Jesus!

This past week I began to play your Healing Love CD. My 4 month old grandbaby sat in my lap and just fell into such a place of peace and calmness…she drifted right off to sleep without having to be rocked, fed, or anything…just stayed quiet and listened. I was in awe!  Thank you for your obedience to share what He has placed within you…it shines like the brightest light!


The Healing Love CD is beautiful....I cried as I listened and snuggled up to the CD player and put my hand on it and kept saying to the Lord, "I have to know you more and know you deeper". The instrumentals are beautiful!! I could feel the Lord right there in the room, and could see the peace start to flood the others in the room as they listened! Your CD is a fabulous blessing!!!! Thank you.


Hello from Germany!
Thank you soooooo much for releasing the CD "Healing Love!” We put it on last Sunday in our flag and dance team meeting (part of our worship-team at church).Soaking with it led us to very deep inner healing and restoration for some ladies. Incredible! Awesome! Glory be to Jesus the Christ, and thanks to you!
Blessings from Frankfurt Germany, the Flag team of Lion of Judah Church Frankfurt/Germany


Hey Julie! I'm your #1 fan! :))) Thanks for the anointed music you play. I wore out Healing Love and had to buy a new one. No other CD draws me into God's presence like that one. Blessings.


We found out about Julie True on Sid Roth's program. My wife could not sleep well at all, only getting a few restless hours of sleep a night. This went on for months and months. We decided to get Julie's Healing Love CD, and since then my wife Julie has been sleeping ten times better! Praise God!! We deeply appreciate your prayers and know that Julie will live and not die to proclaim the works of the Lord!!


God bless you all,

So blessed by your Healing Love album, especially the song, “Angels, We Invite You.” I play it a lot for my Mom who is dying of Alzheimer’s. It has become our theme song as we are both transitioning her to heaven and me to work in HIS vineyard. May the Lord give you a new blueprint from the libraries of heaven as the music for your next album and may the choirs of heaven join in as your back up singers. Thanks for giving to the Lord. I wear your album out and look forward to purchasing new ones as they flow out of you from heaven as you’re hidden in HIM.


Your music is so good. I can feel the peace around me and I will some times begin to cry like a child to God. That means that your healing CD is touching me deeply and I need Daddy’s love.



I listened to the Sid Roth, “It’s Supernatural” show that you were on with a bit of an “ok, she’s good.” But then the power of the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me and I felt His Presence. I could actually feel His robe against my face as He held me.


As soon as my husband awoke, I shared with him what had happened, and mind you, I have taken him to many churches. He has been baptized in them all, and had hands laid on him more than we have held hands in our 20 years together.

He listened to you over and over, tears streaming down his face. We shared it with the entire family, all with the same results. I then found your Online Healing Room, and he put on the headphones and we left him alone. He closed his eyes and we sat in another room, and for the first time in 20 years he spoke in tongues and was in the presence of God! I took a picture and I could see angel wings around him.
You have truly blessed our lives with your gift of music.

Love to you,

I saw your video on the Sid Roth website, and I have to tell you, the Lord is truly using you. I am not an emotional guy, but when I heard you singing, I could not stop crying. I felt such a peace and assurance that He (the Lord) loved me. It was incredible. It's kind of difficult to put into words how I felt, but the closest description is that my whole body felt lightly electrified with a peace that was felt inside and out. Thank you, God bless you.



Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


I am Christian Igwegbe from Hong Kong, and I ordered your Healing Love CD after listening to Sid Roth's “It's Supernatural.” I received it today, and even before I removed the CD, I felt the Holy Spirit's presence and infilling. I prayed and when I opened the CD to play it and pray with my wife, I suddenly embraced the glory of God. And when we listened before praying, the power of the Holy Spirit filled me and i started crying profusely. For about 45 minutes to
an hour. I cried very loudly and laughed for joy! To tell you the truth, I never cried so profusely and groaned like this before.

Julie, the Lord is using you so much. Thank you for your Healing Love CD. It will change my whole life forever. Heaven invades lives when you sing.

God bless you and pour out more anointing and the blessing of God in your life. Amen.

Chris Igwegbe

Hello my precious sister. My name is Bradley Winter. In March I was given your CD "Healing Love" for my birthday. Through out this year I have gone to bed listening to it. The softness of your voice has given my soul much needed rest. This rest has been so needed for our gracious Papa has led me into a time of healing around my mom from when I was a boy. My mom married an alcoholic and at the end of their marriage the arguing was so loud I became very frightened.


As I was listening to you sing on Sid Roth’s program, I felt nothing. I thought this was odd. I wondered how I could not be moved by your voice and the music. I asked our Father "why?" He told me, "Your emotions are so stuck from all you have carried and buried all these years." This broke my heart. I prayed for deliverance.

This week I began to listen to your music again, but this time I had new ears. I didn't listen to the words. I listened to your soft voice. I was humbled to know that there is a woman with such softness. Your softness softened me. I began to weep. I began to let go of my buried feelings. I began to believe I could be loved again. I never felt that way with my mom or dad; never knew love like my Papa God’s love. In His tender mercies He now calls me, "My little one." I feel I am beginning a new chapter in my life and my walk. He truly is, "quieting me with His unfailing love", Zephaniah 3:17.

I most truly can say you are a woman of clean lips. Thank you for allowing Him to use you in such a deep and meaningful way.

See you in eternity.

Tenderly yours,
Brother Bradley

Dear Julie:


I love your Healing Love CD. I was planning to give my extra Healing Love to someone, but a lady was here doing some cleaning for me and she asked me if she could have the other CD....called it "holy music."

I’m so excited to get this music and to pass it on as a blessing. It really does usher you into the presence of the Lord, and there is no better place to be!

Hi Julie,


We have been back almost 3 weeks from Zambia, yet we are still trying to get things in order. We are including the report about our month of ministry there, which you had a part in! We found your Healing Love CD perfect for our ministry times. We put it on as the background music for our prayer and ministry time in most of our sessions.

At each high school, we started playing Healing Love as my husband was sharing about how our hearts are wounded when we don't get our love needs met. He had them take their parents and the pain to the cross after forgiving them. Then he asked Father to come and fill them with His love. We typically started the CD at "I want to Know You" and played it to the end. It quieted large crowds of teenagers, and the Holy Spirit touched many through your music.

Your music is continuing to have an impact on many!

We pray this report blesses you to know how Father used you even though you weren't there in person! Thanks for your part in sowing His love into Ndola, Zambia! May the Lord continue to use you to impact many!

In His Love,
Sue & Rick

The Healing Love CD you gave me is by far the most meaningful, heavenly music I have ever listened to. The voice of Julie True is like an angel! As the CD begins, I can just imagine an angel gently coming forth, gradually opening her wings and then as one track follows another it's as if she gently moves, letting me know she's still there full of hope and comfort. What a gift she has of capturing an angelic spirit in music.


I listened to it all afternoon, put my player on repeat and basked in the peace that filled my whole house.

Thank you so much!! You have such a beautiful voice!! You have an anointing on you!! I love your songs...they have brought so much peace to my life through the love of our Father God.

Love and Blessings,

"Healing Love" woke a passion inside of me to seek out and to live in that realm of the supernatural. I sleep with it playing next to my bed. Took it to church and everyone was amazed at the peace that this music brought into our congregation.


Be blessed in His mercy and Grace, and may His peace rest upon your shoulder.


I wanted to let you know I took your Healing Love CD to my aunt’s hospital room in Hospice and it played there all week before she passed away this morning. It was such a comfort to the family.


Thank You…

Breathe You In Testimonies

It’s God that gives us life and breath…In Him we live and move and have our being. I pray that these songs will open up your spirit, and
that you will breathe Him in and receive His love for you in a fresh new way.

I had a call yesterday from a woman who had received your CD as a gift. She suddenly started sobbing uncontrollably and then said, “ the Breathe You In CD saved our lives.”

Long story short, their son had been murdered around one month back and they were in such pain that her husband made the decision to commit suicide. As he got in the car to leave, Breathe You In was playing in the car’s CD player, and it saved his life!

She wanted me to tell you that they listen to the Breathe You In CD day and night, and that it’s like a lifeline to them. It has saved them from despair over and over and over again.

Christian Bookstore owner

I have experienced much hurt and pain in the last seven months. I knew to keep my eyes on Jesus and keep seeking Him, but I just couldn’t break through. I knew that God didn’t want me to stop singing to Him, but I just couldn’t rejoice in my suffering. I began listening to your Breathe You In CD over and over and have experienced healing in the presence of God. I finally have a heart connection again. Joy and peace have flooded my soul, my very being, since I have been able to forgive others and receive forgiveness for my offenses. God has been merciful towards me. Please don’t ever stop singing for God. He has anointed you to help bring wholeness and healing to the body of Christ. Thank you so much.


I have a Christian metal band and we listen to your albums while we spend time in prayer. It helps us usher in the Holy Spirit so thick in our practice area that we just “Breathe Him In”. It is amazing how much God works through you in your music to the point that angels and God’s Presence is drawn into the room.

I really don’t know how to explain what effect Meet Me Here (from the Breathe You In album) has had on me. I have believed for some time that some of my physical sickness was related to a generational thing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Last week, while listening to Meet Me Here, God kindly dropped the revelation of “rejection” into my mind and I cried for about 3 days on and off. Of course that’s where the healing is. Your CDs have been a significant part of healing from my past, and in the present with the emotions of my cancer journey. Bless you big time for your music and ministry!
UK Christian Book Store


I bought your new CD from the store "Breathe You In" and it is absolutely AWESOME!!! It draws you in as the music soaks you in worship. We play it during our quiet times with God, reading the Word and reflecting on His goodness and faithfulness. You can experience His peace as the anointing washes all over you from head to toe. Thank you so much this CD.
Two words to describe it - Truly Awesome.


Dear Julie,
I am listening to your CD, “Breathe You In”. I am in worship. I love you for who you are girl! Love you, love you, love you for the gift that is in you.
The song is now Let the Joy Rise Up - Let the Joy Rise Up In Me Lord!! I am in joy as I am listening.


"Let the Joy Rise Up" has been a personal favorite because I'm really going after joy in my life. I've had such a battle with depression the past 30 years or so and am often discouraged and tend to isolate.


Just wanted to tell you how the Lord used your Breathe You In CD to help one of my clients. While your music was playing in the background, a man forgave his father for severely beating him when he was a child. I was so surprised weeks later to learn how deep his forgiveness went, and is still working in him. This was one angry dude! He now prays to Jesus to tell his father (now deceased) that he forgives him and loves him. He was also addicted to pain meds for about 20 years, due to a severe pain in his leg from an old car accident where his leg was nearly severed. As we prayed for him (me and my ex addict new creations in Christ), he was instantly healed of the withdrawal symptoms from his meds, and all the pain in his leg was instantly gone!


He came in last Thursday after his healings and told me that now he wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit…so I put on Breathe You In, and we just sat there and let the Lord’s Presence come into the room. We prayed and afterwards all he could say was “Wow”! He’s not a very articulate or expressive man…very childlike faith….and very rough and tumbly – if you know what I mean, but God REALLY visited him.

Anger Management Counselor

I wanted to let you know how your Breathe You In CD helped some recovering addicts last night. I run a small substance abuse counseling ministry. On Thursday nights, I have a group of about 12 people. The Lord has been leading me to talk about forgiveness, and I asked them to make a list of people they needed to forgive. While they were doing this, I put on your Breathe You In CD as background music for the work they were doing. As they were listening to your worship music and writing their lists, several of them began to feel the presence of God. Some were sniffling; almost all were visibly moved. As they began to share and forgive (I had them tear up the paper as a symbol of any debt owed), you could actually feel more and more freedom in the room as each person shared.


One man forgave a man for raping his daughter. Another man forgave the federal system who he felt had wronged him. A woman forgave her parents for neglect. The man who forgave the rapist of his daughter later said that he was called into the ministry. He’s a scary looking guy with tattoos and domestic violence charges on him, but when we were done last night his whole countenance had changed, and he glowed like a light bulb. Four of these men are still prisoners with the Arizona Bureau of Prisons, and are transitioning to independent living. One of them was crying while your music was playing and later he was able to receive God’s love by faith. He had been having a hard time forgiving himself. The whole evening blew us away with the power of God so tangible in the room.

I’ve been doing this kind of ministry for a long time, but never had the power of God come in so powerfully as last night, with so many people. I know that part of it had to do with your music. I will definitely be using your music in the future. I just wanted to let you know, and to thank you for stepping out in courage to record your music. God is using your music to help people get freedom!


Bureau of Prisons
Substance Abuse Counseling

Dear Julie, I can only imagine that this note will be one of thousands you have received with the same message, but I truly want to tell you what a blessing your music has been to our household. I have a precious baby girl and your music plays on continuous play while she is sleeping each day and night. I know it is exuding the Spirit of God into the atmosphere and His sweet peace.


I also gave your CDs to my dear intercessor friend in Tennessee and her intercessory prayer group plays your music in their times together as well. How rewarding it must be for you to know of the life-changing effect your gift is having on so many lives. Thank you for being faithful with that gift.

My mother is a woman with everything, and she told me that your CD was all she wanted for her birthday. So I gave her your Breathe You In CD. Since then she has told me it is all she wants to listen to in her car each day and how it brings her into the heavenly bliss when it is playing.

I have just moved back to the United States from the Caribbean where my husband chose a path away from God and family. The children and I are waiting on God for His direction for our lives. Your music brings a peace into our home each day as we wait on Him to show us His will for us now and reveal His heart to us in this time.

I love you my sister,

I had a difficult client today with many problems: psychological, emotional, physical; lots of trauma in her past…rape, formerly suicidal, substance abuse. I decided to play “Breathe You In” in the background. It brought peace and made the atmosphere glorious! With the help of the Holy Spirit, I was able to lead her finally into a place of forgiveness for her perpetrators. It was amazing!


This experience has deepened my understanding of how Spirit filled music can actually help change the atmosphere to such a degree that when people in the room come into alignment with it, an awesome space is created for the Holy Spirit to work effectively. It seems to maximize what He is willing to do. Without the Breathe You In CD, I sincerely doubt she would have gotten to the place of freedom that she did.
Prison Rehab Ministry

I just can't stop listening to "Breathe You In." I wake up to it each morning which is a good thing, because I don't hit the snooze. I just lie in bed listening and being blessed. Simply beautiful! I pray God's continued favor for you as you continue to tap into His heart! Bless you!

More Testimonies about Julie's Music

I just wanted to thank you for your music!!! It carries such an anointing from the Lord of Peace like nothing I have ever seen before! I had a troubled young girl (a cutter, someone who cuts themselves intentionally) come spend time with us this past summer. When I kept your worship music playing in my home – the whole atmosphere, and this girl’s attitude, would totally change, and the restlessness would leave her. In instances of ministry when no other music seems to break through, yours does! Please keep the CDs coming.

I’m not normally into Christian music as I find a lot of it rubbish, but your music has a power to it that I have not come across before. It is kind of like when you are getting prayer and Father God begins healing you, and you feel a strong, heavy love fill you. Listening to your music is kind of like getting prayer. It’s more than music.


Your music brings such healing and I love it! I’m ministering to many who are coming out of the satanic lifestyle, and they are being transformed. Your music plays a big role in soothing them inside their spirit man. Let the river keep flowing!


I can personally attest that my autistic daughter Ana had flipped her schedule to stay awake all night and sleep in the morning. I play Julie True's healing music and it lulls my daughter to sleep. I can also personally attest that I now listen to Julie’s music everyday and that I have received healing from this.


Healing Music for children with Autism

Dear Julie,


I am so blessed by your three CDs. Never have I been able to go so deep, so high, repeatedly as I do with your CDs. The flow of the Holy Spirit through your music is a HUGE blessing to me. I have been in a season of grief and have experienced profound intimacy with our Lord through your music.

Sometime back I had several people in my living room as we held a ministry board meeting. The anointing from your CDs was so precious as we gathered and the clarity of the Spirit so perfect it dispatched all fears and resentments allowing Abba's will to be accomplished. The next day after our board meeting (we hosted two speakers in our home for the night) I played your CDs and these women were being bathed in His presence. By the time they were scheduled to speak that evening they both said they felt like they were coming from a retreat...how precious!

Thank you so much for your obedience and sacrifice of love to our Father. I’m hoping that you are planning more CD. Your style of worship fits my heart completely.
Joyfully His,

I want to share a little story with you. My granddaughter, Abby, was 26 months old when she heard your music for the first time. She was on my lap and I had given her my ipod. While she listened, I was telling my mother and my daughter (Abby's mother) about the testimony of others who had listened to your CD and experienced the presence of angels. As I related this story, Abby raised both arms over her head, pointing upward (while still very intently listening to the music). Abby had not heard stories about angels up to this time, so the raising of her hands was not in response to what I was telling the others. I am no stranger to the supernatural ways of God, but this visual testimony to the sensitivity of little Abby was an incredible blessing to me.


My prayer for you, Julie, is that you will remain clothed with the cloak of humility that your life has demonstrated so far and that God will continue to use you.

Blessings to you, Lori

Very anointed music that ministers to me and the atmosphere here. Really soothing. Not one of those CDs where after awhile you need to turn it off. I listened to it repeat for two days.


Shalom, Josie

Listening to your CD right now as baby is sleeping peacefully. She goes to sleep every time I play it.



A quick note to let you know your music blessed our early morning (6:00 a.m.) Ash Wednesday service! The anointing that flows with your music filled our sanctuary! Thank you for recording God through you!


Rev. Randall

Thank you Julie. I ordered several of your CDs to provide as gifts to family and friends. I work nights and sleeping during the day seemed difficult until I listened to your new CD in the Online Healing Room. The transference of peace was tremendous. I sleep better with your music. This discovery is being shared with my love ones.
GOD bless you Julie.


Now I have two babies that live, sleep and eat by your voice. They seem to find so much peace there! So do I. I had a friend bring me an ipod in the hospital with your CDs on it. We played it on repeat for three days and two nights in our room. It brought a new presence and peace and, I believe, healing to us! We slept in such peace there! Thank you Julie! WE love you!

Thank you for touching my life with your music. It has brought me through dark nights.



Dear Julie, I have played the harp for 32 years and thought without doubt, it was the most soothing and beautiful music possible-- heavenly. However, you have changed my mind. I have only bought two CDs in my life. Now I'm buying TEN from you. I love you and your music. Your voice is so pitch perfect and pure. Thank you for the 'experiences' and the ability to share with others.


Hello Beloved sister,


I want you to know I thank God for you!
I have all of your albums on my iPod and it flows through my house. God's peace is here. Just wanted you to know what a blessing you are and thanks for cultivating your intimate relationship with the Bridegroom so that many will be drawn in, healed and set free!
Love and hugs

Thank you Julie! I just discovered your music. It is so infused with the light and color of God... Thank you!
Blessings to you and yours.


Julie, Thank you for blessing my life. Right now there is so much heartbreak for me, and when I get into the car and put on your CD, the Lord brings me peace.


You are awesome!!!
A friend came by last night and we had one of your CDs on. She could not pay attention to our gathering because she was being ministered to by the music. I parted with one of mine to send home with her.


Thank you, Julie. Your gift is such a blessing to us.
It’s all we listen to!

Your worship….I cannot express what it has done in me, except to glorify the Name of our Lord, Christ Jesus with praise and adoration!! Amen and Hallelujah!! Thank you for being obedient to our Father. Thank you for allowing Him to use you and your worship to be a truly wonderful and amazing encouragement. Thank you with all the eternity our Father has placed in my heart. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I build an alter of worship to the LORD of Hosts in thanks of what He has done in and through your worship.


Julie…I am at a loss for words to describe how listening to your music makes me feel….words don’t seem to be enough….I am in the presence of the Lord…encircled in His love…I only wish I could hear you sing and play your music in person…


I am going through a terrible time spiritually, a battle, a struggle that is exhausting me in all ways. And it's not very often that I will find music that I connect with on a spiritual level. So it was a "God thing" and I believe he must have guided me to your profile because He knew I would spiritually connect with your music and that I needed to feel His presence, and I do very much feel His presence there with me when listening to your music. God bless you in the New Year!


I was sitting at my computer in the morning after I had given my boys their breakfast, placed my headphones on my head, and watched your interview on Sid Roth. While you were singing the part where you were offering healing to people, I was asking to receive that. I felt two hands, one on each shoulder, gently press down and squeeze my shoulders in comfort. I didn’t open my eyes, I just kept soaking until you finished singing, then the hands released.


We bought your Healing Love CD and it has brought such peace to our home. I have it on my mp3, and while I am working out on my treadmill, I am asking for healing of my back because I had a lot of complications due to my small frame after my twins were born, so I’m hoping for healing as I workout. haha.

New Jersey

I really love your CD, "Healing Love." I purchased it from Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural!" show. When I received the CD, I loaded it onto my ipod without listening to it. I went to bed late and just hit the play button and went to sleep. Almost immediately I had a vision in my dream of a green person the size of a child leaving. It couldn't stay in the presence of your music! I then dreamed I was really drunk and trying to drive a truck over a field. When I awoke, that same presence was still with me very strongly. This drunk feeling comes on me just about every time I play your music. I have tried to soak before and have never been really able to do it. Healing Love is the only one that has ever affected me this way!


Your music is such a blessing.
Drunk in His Presence,

I had been seeking the Lord about some deep issues, and was desperately needing to feel His presence and hear His whisper again. On a night that was especially hard for me, I was introduced to your music. I listened and it was more than music; it opened my spiritual ears and allowed me to receive what I needed to hear from His highest. When I tell people of this time in my life, I tell them, "I wasnt just listening to music, I was experiencing Him!" That is what you do Julie....you give people "Him" in your music. It isn’t just an hour of listening.....it is an opportunity to sit with the Lord. And as you know, one second with Him can change you for a lifetime! Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I pray it will bless you as your music has blessed me.



Julie....got the cd today..couldn't wait to open it and stick it in the player....started listening to it and had shivers running up and down my spine from the anointing...the presence of God was thick....stopped it so my wife could listen to it too....we restarted it and soaked in the powerful presence of God for the next hour!....it was prophetic...there were times that I began to pray or say certain things as I soaked and you then sang them on the CD...pretty cool!...thank you for allowing God to use you....We intend to listen to it as we go to sleep tonight. May He Bless Your Socks Off!!!


Julie, you have an angelic voice and very soothing. When I get ready for bed, I listen in bed, (through my headphones) to your first song, and the next one is instrumental and that's when I pray to God. I always feel God's presence, but I feel so close to Him when I listen to your CD while in bed. I feel like I am in heaven, entering God's sanctuary. Your voice makes me imagine about heaven and God and Jesus Christ. I listen to the whole CD as it lulls me to sleep. I always have a very relaxing sleep and I feel so good in the morning. The words in your songs are very touching. I have a lot of Christian worship CDs, but nothing can compare to your Healing Love CD because the words are so personal and intimate and the lyrics of your songs are exactly what I feel for our heavenly Father.


Dear Julie True:
I was deeply stirred by your "Healing Love" CD, which a friend shared with me. It challenged me to worship the Lord from the depth of my
heart, and to "listen" to the voice of the Holy Spirit within in me calling out songs of worship from my heart. I would like more information about how to acquire it.
Pastor Rodman


I probably listened to your songs on your page like a hundred times. I was reading and listening to it. I fell asleep on my computer and I was worshipping God listening to it... I really thank GOD for you!!! Even my pops and mom said they really like your voice. My pops didn’t even see your page, and he said , “it sounds like healing music”...


Oh yeah I listened to you on the Sid Roth show. I definitely enjoyed that!! Wow sister, I didn’t know I was being healed while listening...lol..lol... By the way I slept very good too>:)

I ordered Julie True's CD, Healing Love. I had played it for a couple of days. I noticed my Pomeranian, Sugar Plum, usually slept through it. At the end she wakes up, and tries to tell me to play it again. When I do, she goes back to sleep.
So Julie, Bless you.


"The Healing Love CD is beautiful....I cried as I listened and snuggled up to the CD player and put my hand on it and kept saying to the Lord, "I have to know you more and know you deeper". The instrumentals are beautiful!! I could feel the Lord right there in the room, and could see the peace start to flood the others in the room as they listened! Your CD is a fabulous blessing!!!! Thank you."
Marcia W.


My name is Aracely.
I was driving home from work yesterday talking to a friend on the cell phone(using ear piece :) He was telling me about you and how he saw you on t.v. He gave me your name and it stuck. I got home & googled your name and let me just encourage you.....
It' so awsome that you have listened and done what God spoke into you to do. Lots of times people get a calling and they don't do it. I am thankfulto have had the oportunity to have heard your song. I added it to my myspace... God has been good to me. He is a miracle working Daddy. I'm proof. He has turned my life around. I was headed in the same direction as my friends; partying, drinking having sex early... for years and years.. trying to fill up that void...but when the Lord got a hold of me, He has been my all in all... He has healed me from cancer! I'm as healthy as a horse..lol... I am blessed!


I am going to go buy your Healing Love CD today.. in hopes to share with my church... God is awesome! I pray for the Lord to continue to use you in mighty powerful ways... keep seeking Him.


I just want to tell you that your CD is in my CD player at my night stand. This CD player only gets special CD's.


I play Healing Love every night when I go to sleep. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
New Jersey

"I can't tell you how much your CD has ministered to our house church, and how much it has brought in God's presence for physical healing. I personally soak with this to flow into God's mind and heart for ministry through visions. The Lord has been giving me incredible heavenly visitations while soaking in your music... If I am ever on my death bed, I want to be ushered into His presence with this worship! Bless you!"
Pastor Daniel


Refreshing as a spring shower....
I was going to say that I came across your site..but that's untrue..Abba led me to it. What an annointing you have; how very blessed..


May the Lord continue to use you to be an abode during the storm. Your music is soooo...God..shalom..jim

I saw you on a Christian talk show program one evening not too long ago, and I just love you and your music. It is just beautiful. I am going to get the CD. You have also inspired me to go for my dream to learn to play the piano. I have had the desire for years and never acted on it. I don't even have a piano or keyboard in my home but I want to get one I can afford. 2009 will be the year I start to learn. I have a long long way to go and I am a little intimidated, (well alot actually) but I'm not using that as an excuse any longer. I would love to be good enough to play for my church if even a back up player.. That's way down the road though.


Anyway, thanks for your well wishes and I know God had me watching that channel that night for a reason.. Thank you once again.. Keep up the beautiful work....

God Bless You Julie..

Good morning Julie,


I heard a portion of your CD at Bible Study on this past Wednesday evening - instead of our usual study, our Pastor called for a time of laying before God and afterwards a time of thanksgiving. Healing Love was played softly, and our time together was incredible!
(By the way, our Pastor heard you on TBN.

P.S.  I am a pianist desiring to break out of the box of tradition, and I
was very moved by this CD in more ways than one.  Hallelujah!

For me personally, I like to listen to softer worship music to get me into prayer mode. I've not had the experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit but regardless of that, music like yours helps me to shut out the rest of the world and imagine what heaven is going to sound like....Yes, I do think your music is just that beautiful. I want to thank you personally for being receptive to the Lord's call in your life and blessing us with the gifts that He gave you to share with us. It gives me a sense of the what the Lord's rest must be like. That's how I feel listening to your music. It instills in me a longing for the day when we can all join in the chorus of those worshipping the Lord.


I love that you even use the Aaronic blessing (Numbers Ch 6). It is my favorite. Of course you would use it. I should use it more myself! It is a most appropriate blessing to any and all. The Pastor/Rabbi at the synagogue I attend does such an excellent job of shouting out the blessing over our congregation just before he dismisses us. His voice is booming, yet melodic, as he blesses us in Hebrew then takes on a reverent, gentle tone as he says the same blessing over us in English. Fascinating. I'll have to go dwell on the possible reasons for that.
Blessing to you from your friend in Chicagoland,

You are a mighty woman of God and I have to tell you the music that the Lord has annointed you to play has changed my life! I love the Lord for the blessing in you. I pray He will continue to create in you and through you! God bless!


Julie! I hope for all that the Lord has in store for you as well. I have been praying for people like you that praise the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Keep Seeking His Face. Keep Your Eyes on him. Believe in your heart that when you open your mouth it is Power of the Lord that You are realizing! Expect to be used even more! I see Greatness in You Keep the Fire Burning! 1 Thessalonians 5:19 Do not quench the Spirit.


Love You In Jesus Christ


Dear Julie, My Sister let me listen to her Healing Love CD,  and I was just swept into the presence of God. I really needed it to. I love to minister to the Lord with my Irish Whistle and could even play along with your worship, it actually took me to a new place. My husband as well.
God Bless you,
Merry Mary A Merry heart doeth good like a medicine
Prov 17:22


Julie- do you have a CD called Healing Love? I love it and thank you for your heart for Jesus,  and i look forward to get to know you!
HUGS from Sudan.


Hi Julie,


Your music is beautiful! When I listen to your songs, I feel sooo much peace and joy. Thank you for making such a wonderful album!

I recently started listening to Sid Roth's Messianic Vision Radio Podcast, after seeing his show, It's Supernatural on T.V one day. I love the show, as well as the podcast and that is how I heard about you. I loved your songs as soon as I heard them, and I plan to order "Healing Love" as soon as I can.

Your songs have helped me to feel God's peace, when it wasn't so easy for me to be peaceful. I thank God for using you to write/sing such beautiful songs. I pray that they will help even more people in the same way God used them to help me.
God bless you,

I recently had to spend a lot of time on the road, driving for hours at a time alone.  As I was listening to your music, instant peace would come over me.
Your voice is so beautiful, and is like liquid medicine.



I saw you on the Sid Roth show and your music touch my heart. When you sang one of your songs, I said I have to have that CD! I love to sing praises to our Lord. It really helps me to get closer to God. May God bless you and your music.


You have such a wonderful, healing voice. And there is no dissonance in your music. Your music is pure and touches the soul...it is the way God intended for music to be.


I sure am glad I decided to watch Sid Roth and learn about my talented neighbor down in The Volunteer State!

May God bless and keep you, Julie!

Even as I type, "Healing Love" is playing in the background, ministering to my soul and spirit.  What a blessing. Thank you.  Our church uses this CD during our Wednesday night prayer services.  Oh the power of Music....  And when it is annointed by God....my, my, my....the "spiritual" is sometimes hard to express in human words.  Perhaps, by The Spirit, you can feel my deep gratitude and appreciation for this "gift" you have honored the Lord with and blessed His people with.




I just received your new cd thru Sid Roth Ministries and I just want to thank you
for blessing me with your music- the song you sang on the tv show has echoed in my spirit since the first time I heard it-   I want to know You more.



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