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Loved - Instrumental Soaking Worship Music

Audio CD - $12.98

MP3 Download (Entire Album) - $9.99

I am so happy to announce the release of my new instrumental soaking worship album, Loved! For those whose hearts long to know and experience the love of God, this peaceful, soaking music soundscape is just for you. May it bring you deep peace and comfort knowing that you are unconditionally LOVED!

Since the beginning of my soaking music ministry, all of my album tracks have been edited together to create an uninterrupted experience. Most of the albums came from one or two special soaking times, and we didn't want to mess up that continuous flow. However, when listeners want to play a single track, there isn't a smooth beginning and end.

With the Loved instrumental album, I decided to create a new experience. I used the music from the Strength of My Life vocal album, and divided each track into traditional lengths, while keeping the peaceful flow with fade ups and fade downs. This will make it possible for the listener to access specific tracks easily, and to be able to use them for special moments, prayers, or events.



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